Research the Car Groups

You need to research the different car groups. These groups separate cars into 50 different groups. Group 1 is for cars that aren’t necessarily the fastest, most expensive or flashiest, but are the cheapest to insure, and Group 50…it’s the exact opposite! So, you’d be wise to research the lower tier groups to see what kind of car choices are open to you, pick a few, then research what kind of premiums are being offered on your selected cars at that time.

No Modifications

As much as you may want to, avoid modifications on cars. If (for whatever reason) you do purchase a modified car, most insurers will refuse to insure you. Some will allow any modifications that don’t change the performance of the car, but as stated previously it will increase the premium because it will be seen as a “higher risk”. This is subject to variation however, so it would be best to check with any insurer that you enquire with to see their stance on car modifications for young drivers.

Thinking about Insurance

As already mentioned, you should try and pick a car with your insurance in mind, but there are other ways to lower your premium without having to sacrifice too much in your car. The most useful way is through a Telematics (Black Box) policy. Most, if not all insurers offer a black box policy, especially to Young Drivers. For those who don’t know what the black box itself is, it’s a small device attached to your car which monitors your driving and location. The information it provides to your insurer about your driving affects your premium, if you are a good driver then when it comes to renewing your insurance you may be offered a lower premium (due to you being a lower risk). You’ll also be able to access this information as well, insurers tend to give you access to a site or “portal” where you can log in and check your driving statistics which is usually a rating out of 100. This lets you see where you excel and where you need to work on.

Look at Used Cars

When it comes to new vs used you should go used. You’re new to driving, you’re not going to be the best driver (even those of you who think they’ll be the next Lewis Hamilton) so it’s best to not sink thousands of pounds into a brand-new car in the event you’re involved in a collision, plus you might not have the funds or credit score to be able to go for that new car. There is also the fact that as soon as a car leaves the lot it depreciates in value.


Driving your own car can be a lot of fun but also a major expense that can stifle your dream somewhat, but there is no reason you can’t find a car you like that is affordable. Research, get quotes, and compare your insurance premiums. Be smart about it, you’ll get that Polo one day.